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Saša Milivojev is a famous writer, poet, journalist columnist and political analyst... One of the most read columnists in Serbia, he is the author of five books, and numerous columns published in various daily newspapers. He is the author of the novel „The Boy from the Yellow House“ and of political speeches. His work has been translated into around twenty languages across the world.



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Saša Milivojev - AMAL, from Yemen


Saša Milivojev



In the rhythm of the Pain of the World


a song dedicated to a girl from Yemen


who died of starvation  



- Mother I am hungry,
I am hungry momma.
- Sleep now my beloved, close your eyes and see,
from Jannah your father shall return to thee.

Through remnants and ruins
and dunes of blood
seas full of dead bodies
and starving sharks
walked towards the sun in the skies
barefoot, faint and hungry
girl with teary eyes.

I am hungry momma…

Hungry mothers tears are trying to hide
from the eyes of their children
seeing mountains of bones of those who died

Body covered In abaya, crucified
trembling in the eye of the child

Even heavens cried the bloody tears
yet from brazen World
not a word was heard

- Daddy will not come back,
Instead to him I shall go.
I am not afraid to go on my own,
but mother, I am too late, I know,

Look at my bones, look at me,
my skin they cannot carry.

Bomb blasted
the Yemen train
ravaged the desert to deserted plain
dug out a living wound
a troop of pupils in a single day
to the voiceless pit forever put to lay

Wails are deafening,
fallen on their wedding died groom and bride
chilling cries on Pluto echoing

Clouds blushed in pink,
Angels all perished in a blink

Momma I am waiting for you,
smiling and hungry no more,
Come, daddy is waiting for thee
by the Jannah door.
Emerald green garden is growing,
fig tree is in bloom,
The river of milk and honey is flowing.




Translated by

Ljubica Yentl Tinska




Saša Milivojev


Saša Milivojev













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